Have You Been Affected By a Hurricane or Storm?

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Each year is riddled with challenges and uncertainties for everyone, and to top it off, the residents of Louisiana and Texas have to face the devastation of hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricanes like Katrina (Category 5) and Laura (Category 4) had wind speeds upwards of 157 MPH and had catastrophic after effects. Countless homes and businesses have been destroyed as a result of the severe wind and flooding, and their owners have been left to deal with the ruins. If your property has been affected as a result of a hurricane or tropical storm, it is important to know your rights, and the steps to take, to make you whole again. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of your situation. Contact us today

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Don’t Let Insurance Companies Take Advantage of You.

As neighboring Texans, our hearts and minds were right there with you when the hurricane hit. We know how much damage this hurricane has caused and have experienced similar devastation from previous hurricanes. Members of our law firm lost valuable possessions and suffered irreparable damage to their property and homes. Using our expertise, we were able to get our team the best help possible and we are all starting to rebuild.

Many businesses, homes, cars, condos, apartments, and other entities in Texas and Louisiana cars have been affected by Hurricane Laura and their owners are not receiving the help they need because insurance companies want you to settle for less. At Hadi Law Firm we know what it takes to get your insurance companies to come through for you and can help guide you through the entire process.

We Cover All Disaster Relief Service, Including

Storm Wind Damage Disaster Relief Flood and Wind Damage

Flood and Wind damage

Storm Wind Damage Disaster Relief Business Interruptions

Business interruptions

Storm Wind Damage Disaster Relief Claims that are denied, delayed or underpaid

Claims that are denied, delayed or underpaid

Storm Wind Damage Disaster Settlement Negotiation

Settlement Negotiation

Storm Wind Damage Disaster Relief Insurance lawsuits

Insurance lawsuits

Steps To Take If Your Property Has Been Affected By a Hurricane.

1. Lying

Mitigate Damages

Take precautionary measures and secure the damaged area by covering it with a tarp or boarding up broken windows to avoid potential safety hazards and more repairs. Insurance policies may use the additional damages to reduce or deny your claim.

3. Do not talk about your case

Formulate a Plan

Asses the damages and check your insurance policy. The scope of your coverage will determine how much of your property damage may be covered when you file a claim.

5. Signing your rights away

File your Claim

Do not delay as most insurance policies require the insured to take other action within a set period of time.

2. Surveillance

Document your Property Damage

Take photos and videos of the affected area including personal items and make a list of the damages. This will serve as proof to further explain the extent of your damages.

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Consult with your Lawyer

Don’t settle just yet. Seek legal guidance and review your insurance policy with an attorney. They will reinforce your right to fair compensation to get the settlement you deserve.