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The Hadi Law Firm is here for you. Our attorneys specialize in serious car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. We understand the physical, emotional and psychological hardship you’re experiencing from your injuries.

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The Hadi Law Firm has one goal: providing outstanding representation to individuals and families seeking justice against big insurance companies, negligent employers and fraudulent corporations.

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“Mr. Hadi was very friendly and honest about my situation. It was really refreshing to hear the truth from someone without the legal junk getting in the way. I would really recommend him to anyone.

Jake / Personal injury client

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The attorneys at The Hadi Law Firm work directly with our clients. We utilize this approach to build a relationship with our clients so that we can provide outstanding representation throughout the claims process. In out of court negotiations and adversarial litigation in the courtroom, we can advocate on your behalf and attain the financial compensation that you deserve.

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At The Hadi Law Firm, we strive to remain accessible and helpful to our clients while working aggressively to settle their claims.

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Husein Hadi
Husein Hadi

Husein Hadi was born and raised in the Alief neighborhood of Houston, Texas. As a son of two immigrant parents, he was inspired early on to pursue a career helping others. Mr. Hadi attended and graduated from Debakey High School for Health Professions with a desire to… (read Husein’s full bio)

Jamil Alani Thomas
Jamil Alani Thomas

Jamil Alani Thomas was raised in the Chicago area, and graduated from Naperville Central High School. Ms. Thomas attended the University of Pittsburgh on an academic scholarship seeking to pursue a degree in Information Science. After discovering her lack of passion for… (read Jamil’s full bio)


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Why should I hire The Hadi Law Firm?

Finding the right personal injury lawyer in Houston can be difficult. The Hadi Law Firm understands what is important to our clients.

We Listen

Whether you’re in need of a personal injury attorney due to a car accident or filing a wrongful death suit, we take our time to fully understand each and every nuance of your case. When you work with The Hadi Law Firm rest assured you will be heard.

We are experienced

The Hadi Law Firm has experience in a wide array of cases. From car accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, family law, wrongful death suits, and more, you name it we’ve done it. Our Trial Attorney attorneys are well versed in Texas law and will build an aggressive strategy for your case.

We’re available

We make sure that when you need us we’ll be there. 24/7 Have questions? Need more information? We’re a phone call or email away.

We pay attention to the details

Each case is different and our approach to each one is personalized for your particular case. Our personal injury attorneys know developing an aggressive strategy and a solid case can only be done efficiently with a personalized approach.



  1. If you are able to check yourself for injuries and call the police or emergency services.
  2. Try to record the accident scene. This can be in the form of photos or videos.
  3. If there are any other people present, acquire their contact information if possible. They may be useful witnesses.
  4. Do not accept blame or assign blame.
  5. Acquire insurance information from the other driver.
  6. Remember to see a doctor and explain the accident and any pain you may have.
  7. Contact our personal injury attorneys for a consultation.

Not every case requires a car accident attorney but you should only pursue this option once you have received consultation from an experienced car accident attorney. Navigating the multitude of complicated car accident laws in Texas can be a very overwhelming task. Our experienced car accident attorneys are well versed in all of Texas’s car accident laws and can help you attain the full compensation you deserve.

This may depend on someone’s knowledge of car accident laws in Texas but it is always necessary to contact a car accident attorney to determine if it would be advisable to have professional legal help. The insurance adjusters and companies are not on your side and will try to minimize the settlement you receive.

It is advisable to contact an experienced car accident attorney even if you feel that you were partly to blame. There may be car accident laws that you may be unfamiliar with and you may not be at fault or may have played a much smaller role in the car accident than you initially thought.

Things can get tricky when the other party does not have insurance. You could be in a very compromising situation. Our car accident attorneys might be able to provide alternatives for compensation and help you get back on your feet.

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