Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Houston

Get compensation for expenses related to a loved one's death

The loss of a loved one in any scenario is an extremely painful and traumatic event. That pain is compounded when you lose someone because of another person’s negligence. In addition to the emotional toll, is the financial setback one experiences.
Besides funeral and burial costs, families may be left with expenses related to their loved one’s death. Money can’t replace your loved one but the wrongful death attorneys at The Hadi Law Firm will make sure the at-fault parties are held responsible for their actions and obtain the full compensation you are owed.

The grief and pain of losing a loved one is a life changing event. Filing a lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind but its important you file your wrongful death claim as soon as possible. The financial burden that comes with death can sometimes plunge you into crushing debt. Our wrongful death attorneys are here to fight for you and lighten that burden. The attorneys at The Hadi Law Firm will aggressively pursue all parties responsible for the death of your loved one and get you the compensation and justice your deserve.


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