Premises Liability

Premises liability

Get representation for slip and falls, construction site accidents, animal attacks and more

Our firm handles a large number of premises liability cases such as: slip and falls, apartment complex injuries, trip and falls, construction site accidents, & dog bites and animal attacks.

Business and venues that invite the general public to come and shop and conduct business have the duty to keep their premises safe for their visitors. This duty to keep the premises safe includes reasonable inspections to locate spills, leaks, and other hazards in the area for patrons and/or guests. In addition to spills, leaks, and other hazards, businesses and venues must also inspect walkways, steps, lighting fixtures, and holes, which may lead to injury due to a fall. Although these businesses have procedures in place to remedy faulty hazards shortly after an accident, our firm can conduct investigations in order to help support your claim.

Homeowners also share responsibilities for keeping their homes safe for social guests as well. A duty arises to disclose possible risks when homeowners invite guests to their home. If you have been injured in another’s home and the homeowner, upon reasonable inspection should have eliminated and/or disclosed known hazards, then you may be entitled to recovery.

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