The Hadi Law Firm Assists in $5,178,963.00 #SANCTION against GEICO!

If there’s one thing you should know after a car accident it’s that your insurance company is NOT on your side. Whether you’ve been severely injured or your car has been totaled, insurance companies, like Geico, have an arsenal of strategies to decrease or flat out deny your claim. In most cases, the denial letter for your claim is just the first step in their negotiation process. We were always told, “Hadi Law, you won’t change the insurance companies,” Until August 28, 2020.

The Hadi Law Firm recently initiated and assisted in a case against one of the largest insurance companies in America; Geico. Geico failed to pay claims to their client in a timely manner and when they did pay they neglected to pay the interest on late payments. We uncovered over 10000 first-party claims that were mishandled by GEICO. In many cases, although they knew there was coverage and the Insured was entitled to compensation, the case was closed. After a long investigation through the Texas Department of Insurance, Geico was forced to pay out $2,178,963 in claims and interests. They also had to pay a 3,000,000.00 administrative penalty, and Change their entire Claims Handling Process; Nationwide.

The Hadi Law Firm forced Geico to change its unethical practices. After this case, Geico had to implement systems, monitoring, process changes, and hired compliance personnel to address these allegations. The Hadi Law Firm has been fighting these large insurance companies since 2009.

Read more on GEICO at Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Give The Hadi Law Firm a call today and let us fight for you.



October 7, 2020
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