Tips & Guidelines for Dealing with Car Accident While on Vacation

Car accident on vacation

Planning for a vacation can take weeks to months of preparation from scheduling to budget allocation and the last thing you would want is to get into an accident that may ruin your whole trip. It’s unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident but it’s even more complicated to deal with as a tourist while you are on vacation. Whether you’re in a different state or a different country you are still protected by legal rights against harm caused by the negligence of others. You may find yourself asking these questions:

– Who do I call for help?

– Where should I go to file a report?

– Will I be able to go home as scheduled?

Of course, you’ll never know when accidents may happen but it’s always better to be prepared if in case this happens to you while on vacation. Depending on the severity of an accident, even if it is a minor fender bender or a major collision, here are some guidelines you need to keep in mind if you ever get in a car accident while on vacation:

Call the emergency hotline

Call for help immediately. If you are not able to call, you may ask someone from the area or any witness nearby to call for you.

Check for injuries

Even when there are no apparent symptoms, you should consider having yourself examined in the emergency room after an accident to make sure there are no hidden injuries and get a copy of your medical report.

Secure a copy of the Police Report

You should ask the police officers who responded to the scene of the accident to give you a copy of the police report to avoid the hassle of dealing with an out of state police department when you are back home.

Document the accident

Take photos or videos of the accident scene, damages on the vehicle and your injuries for evidence. Don’t forget to exchange information with the other parties involved including the witnesses as it may be impossible to find them after or when you have already returned home.

Call the car rental company

Inform them of the accident and discuss your insurance options. They may also be able to guide you through your next steps after the accident or provide assistance for car replacement (if needed). And remember: Don’t throw away transportation tickets or rental receipts. You may need these documents when you decide to pursue legal claims in the future.

Seek legal advice from your attorney

If you or any of your companions are injured in the car accident, call your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Laws vary for different states so its best to consult with a lawyer knowledgeable of the laws that govern the place where your accident has happened. Your car accident attorney can help carry out the investigation and help you with all the necessary actions needed to process your legal claim.

Additional tips before going on a vacation that can help you in case of an accident while on vacation:

1.Research the nearest hospital and police station near your place of accommodation.

2. Save local emergency numbers of the place you are traveling to on your phone and write a copy for your wallet.

3. Educate yourself on local traffic laws and driving procedures of the location you are traveling to. For example, when you get into a car crash in Texas, you should move the vehicle out of the roadway to a safer spot so you can exchange the necessary information with the other driver and avoid further accidents from happening.

4. Check the routes of your itinerary before you proceed with your tour.

5. Familiarize yourself with the car you rented, especially if renting something you don’t often drive.

Hopefully, if there are no major injuries and everything has been settled with the other party accordingly, you can carry on with your vacation.

August 28, 2020
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